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The Royal Award for Modern Painting is an incentive award that was created to encourage talented young painters who are active in the Netherlands in their artistic development. It was instituted by King William III in 1871, and subsequently developed by Queen Emma, Queen Wilhelmina, Queen Juliana, Queen Beatrix and King Willem-Alexander into a tradition of royal commitment to painting.
Each year three young artists are presented with a Royal Award of € 9,000 tax-free. After the award ceremony the King will open the exhibition with works of the winners and nominees.  The list of nominees is carefully compiled by a professional jury through two judging rounds.
The list of nominees for the Royal Award of Modern Painting 2021: Kenneth Aidoo, Rinella Alfonso, Dewy Elsinga, Ricardo van Eyk, Maxime Favre, Philipp Gufler, Mariska Koolen, Alexandra Phillips, Axel Roy, Hend Samir, Thijs Segers, Kaili Smith, Clemence de La Tour du Pin, Cyrill Rafael Vasilyev and Lotte Wieringa.
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