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Journals of Fiction (Dagboeken van Verbeelding)
Have you ever been carrying a stone with you? A stone you picked up during a long walk in the forest. Or a shell maybe? A shell that caught your eye and you decided to take it with you and put it in your pocket. And if you did, do you know what I mean when I say that, when you take the object out of your pocket again - weeks or sometimes months later - your memory takes you back to this particular time and place and as if natural, you are visualizing the scenery of that specific moment?
In Journals of Fiction, artists Eady van Acker, Django van Ardenne, Thijs Segers, Anne Schoemaker and Jasper de Beijer empty their pockets and unite a series of fragmented narratives within the spaces of Kunstpodium T. For the past months they have travelled, collected, traced down, recorded and staged: tales about landscapes, buildings and dreams. Together they explore the potential of storytelling to create new worlds, with an interest in what lies behind reality; in between the visible and the imaginary.Journals of Fiction endeavors to show these different realities that, already existing as a personal state of mind, set-off for a collective journey when joined together
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