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Dialogues with Nature, Claudy Jongstra and Thijs Segers

Renowned artist - activist Claudy Jongstra and the young talented painter Thijs Segers both create their artworks inspired by a profound relationship with nature and a great concern about the state our natural world is in. Jongstra embraces the full potential of life on earth by benefitting from the wonderful material of sheep wool and distilling her own colour palette from ancient dyers crops. At the same time incessantly striving to enhance biodiversity and to safeguard cultural heritage. Segers paints passionately to accept decay and nature’s mortal fate. Often starting from the beauty of harsh reality like a dead hare lying in the field, twisting tree branches or the endearing stages of a perishing sunflower, Thijs Segers paints vigorously towards a nearly transparent abstraction in parts of his canvases. And that is exactly where the two artists meet on their transitional path in dialogue with nature, at an essential crossroad of expressing true concern by accepting transformation while presenting us with a hopeful passage between historical figuration and the sublime abstract landscape.
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